Amerika’s Last Stand in Syria: Does Trump Have the Nerve?

After murdering millions and millions of helpless woman and children all around the world, the Jewish controlled United States is overconfident and ready for a big fall. The selected Presidents are getting dumber and dumber and do I dare say Mr. Trump is dumberer than GW Bush? Going into Syria with a big airstrike will be a huge catastrophe, a disaster that could collapse the empire.

Both NK and Iran have suffered needlessly because of USA policies, both have lost millions of their peoples, and both are no longer helpless and 100% committed to defending themselves.  Trump doesn’t dare attack them, but what about Syria?



NK is like a new Sparta, a nation committed to war with Amerika.  Iran is not afraid of Amerika either, having seen what it did to Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan the Iranians have taken the Anglo Zionist threat very seriously.  Syria is armed to the teeth with Russian manned S-400’s.

Trump and his Generals thinks he can get away with another missile attack on Syria based on yet another false flag chemical attack (no dead bodies – staged).  Narcissistic braggart Trump taunts Russia and just tweeted that our missiles are really smart (but he obviously isn’t):

The situation is well illustrated by the 1970 classic movie “Little Big Man” when Custer asks his Indian Scout “Mule Skinner” for advice just before the march into the coulee.  Trump is a narcissistic fool just like General Custer.  His giant ego could get us all killed.  The abused have reorganized and they are waiting.  Fool Custer says he is going to attack without mercy, Trump says he is a going to attack with new smart missiles.

Nothing in this world is more surprising than the attack without mercy!

Jack Crabb: General, you go down there.

General Custer: You’re advising me to go into the Coulee?

Jack Crabb: Yes sir.

General Custer: There are no Indians there, I suppose.

Jack Crabb: I didn’t say that. There are thousands of Indians down there. And when they get done with you, there won’t be nothing left but a greasy spot. This ain’t the Washite River, General, and them ain’t helpless women and children waiting for you. They’re Cheyenne brave, and Sioux. You go down there, General, if you’ve got the nerve.

General Custer: Still trying to outsmart me, aren’t you, mule-skinner. You want me to think that you don’t want me to go down there, but the subtle truth is you really *don’t* want me to go down there! “

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