Are You Ready to Die For Israel?

Are you ready to die for Israel?  Trump has appointed John Bolton, arch Neocon hatchet man to the National Security Advisor.  This is total madness, Trump is the swamp, Trump has completely betrayed his base.  Israel controls the United States. Did you know that?  Israel is manipulating the United States into war after war, and if not stopped the nation will be destroyed.

Trump is the swamp, he has appointed many swamp creatures and is firing anyone who is on board with the swamp agenda. His appointment of Bush era warmonger crazy man John Bolton should cinch anyone’s mind that Trump is the swamp.  The Neocon takeover is complete, Trump has been swallowed by the swamp.

Trump is the narcissistic fool dancing on the deck of the Titanic, his latest budget increases military spending 777 billion dollars. Billions more for Homeland Security (protection for Jews). It is reasonable to expect that this situation will go unstable, that the markets will eventually reject prolifigate spending of the drunken sailor.

Trump is now just like the Hillary warmonger that he ran against. Trump talks up nuclear war everyday, Trump is selling arms like a crazy man, Trump wants to increase Amerika’s nuclear arsenal by tenfold.  Dr. Strangelove has come to life, we are nuke crazy.



So ask yourself dear reader, what is house worth when the bombs rain down, what are your stocks and bonds worth when Russia launches on New York City?  All this talk about nuklear combat toe to toe with the Russkies is just crazy talk because if even one nuke goes off all the markets will implode instantly.

Our government has been hijacked by an evil nation called Israel, our nation is being run into the ground and will be destroyed unless we stop this madness.  Israel did 911 and the entire establishment knows this yet goes along with it.  We are living in some sort of end times state madness where everyone is evil and playing along with some sort of termination play.


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